abc’s of taengsic (insp.)


140918 Jessica @ CeCi Magazine October Issue。(via woorissica)

My minus(CeCi) :

Lovely afternoon What r my maomaos up to today?

Lovely afternoon[爱你] What r my maomaos up to today?


Sy__Jessica : Thank you hong kong & guangzhou for such lovely and memorable evenings All the surprise events were very touching…You guys are the best Do fly maomaos!

[Fancam] 140906 Jessica & Krystal - Take A Bow+TiK ToK+Butterfly LiNing Fanmeet Guangzhou by ST-saltwater Yinyuetai

What would you take with you in an uninhabited island?

Jungsis singing ‘Tik Tok’ at LiNing Fanmeeting