140730 Seohyun @ BlueOne Dream Festival。(via Press)


140730 TaeTiSeo @ BlueOne Dream Festival。(via Press)

Working hard or hardly working?


seofany weaklings… and a surprisingly competent taeyeon

"To my precious unnies…" — Seohyun’s letter to her unnies

CECI: Is there anything you want to never want to lose as, not Seohyun, but Seo Joohyun?

SEOHYUN: I want to carry on the stubbornness that Seo Joohyun drives at. Oh, and many people think I’m too much like a textbook, but I’m not. There are very carefree sides to me, too. Those are the slightly different sides of Seohyun and Seo Joohyun. I wish Seohyun would turn into Seo Joohyun a bit more. I think that’s what’s happening [now].